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          My name is John Valencia, and I was exposed to tattooing by my cousin “Diablo” back in the year 2005. It blew my mind how pictures could be translated into the skin by using a tattoo machine, a couple of needles, and some ink. This form of art was all I could think of, but in that time of my life I never got the chance to pursue it.  There weren’t many shops around willing to teach 13 year olds how to tattoo.


          So, after I started to research tattooing I met my friend “Hanz” who told me he had made a tattoo machine and wanted to use it.  I decided to let him give me my first tattoo at the age of 14.  Till this point I still treasure that tattoo and appreciate the memories I gained with him.

          In 2008 I came into the United States, and in 2010 I finally met the person who was going to teach me the fundamentals of tattooing –John Henao, my mentor. When I asked him if he could apprentice me, he asked me to bring my portfolio.  Wanting to impress him, I went home and drew for hours until the blisters on my fingers wouldn’t let me draw another stroke.  At that moment I realized that tattooing wasn’t going to be something given to me. I would have to earn the privilege to pick up a tattoo machine.

          Please feel free to come down and check out the shop.  I look forward to meeting you and drawing a custom design to meet your needs.

Thank you,

John Valencia

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